Here you find different information and copy sheets to inspire you in your work with your project!

Get inspiration from the links in the document: Links for the IRELAND PROJECT

For more material see list in document “Outline for colleagues” under Project work here on the blog!

Creative tasks


Write a story in a group, start with a picture from any related theme you have chosen.

How to write a story in a group

Write a poem about a picture

Read an excerpt, write down key-words – and write a poem with the words. Your teachers will gladly provide you with different texts/books for your inspiration 🙂

Play the roulette, worksheet to guide you in the writing process

Play the roulette


If you have chosen visual arts as the media to transform your ideas and understanding of the project’s main headline into a product, then many different work methods are available for you: drawing, painting, printing (linoleum), collage, film, sculpture, installation…

Make a collage from newspapers/catalogues

Use pictures online to transfer into works of art – drawing, painting, sculpture…

The link is a Word-document with links to videos relating to culture – plays, films, poetry:



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