Armchair travel

The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Irish 

The couth truth

A popular perception of the Irish is that they’re all fiery, freckle-faced red-heads who’ll start a fight at the slightest offence (e.g., being called ‘British’). The bit about the freckles is accurate enough, but the typical Irish person has brown hair and blue eyes. And while they may be descended from the Celts, a fearless people whose warriors were known to run naked into battle, most modern-day Irish people would think twice before running naked into the bathroom.

More bits…

See here under Irish

Here you can find the tasks and help for how to plan the trip!

Going Irish – an armchair travel to Dublin

Visit a school on the web

Diary for armchair travel

Info + extra activities

For the teachers:

Læringsmål for arbejdet med Armchair Travel


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